Homes 3000-3499 Square Feet

Complete Residential Window and Bug Screen Cleaning $200.00
Exterior Residential Window and Screen Cleaning $170.00
Sun Screen Cleaning/Restoration
* Includes application of professional grade screen cleaner, restorer & protectant (per screen)
House Wash $99.00
Pressure Wash $110.00

Window Blind/Shutter cleaning is typically $55.00 for a single story home.


Squeegee Man will never charge more than the quoted rate on this price page, therefore NO HIDDEN COSTS! 

Additional charges will apply for screened in patios and additions since they change the square footage of the work areaCall 480-326-8065 for your free estimate. All prices are for Single Story Homes.

Package Discount available for multiple services!

Regular sun screen cleaning and restoration pricing is $5.00 per screen. For oversized or extremely weathered screens, pricing is $7.00 per screen.

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